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Ocarina of time dodongos cavern

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    Make your way over to Kakariko Village and climb up to the top of the area. This will initiate a lengthy conversation in which he laughs at you, opens the gate, tells you to get the shield and comments that his kid desperately wants a mask from the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Town. The mask is part of a side quest that will be covered in a later chapter. It was originally 80 rupees, but now that we talked to the guard, it is for sale for 60 rupees.
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    ‘Ocarina of Time’ Dungeon by Dungeon: Dodongo’s Cavern

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    Dodongo's Cavern

    Although Breath of the Wild is utterly superb, its reimagining of the Zelda formula is noticeably lacking classic dungeon design. This continuing series will take a look back at the entry that established the 3D dungeon template, in turn altering dungeon design in ways that would dominate and define the series for nearly twenty years. And since the 3DS remaster makes a wide variety of changes to the original but remains equally masterful, I will be looking at that version alongside the Nintendo 64 release. Meanwhile, the 3DS version tones down coloration in favor of naturalism. It emphasizes shades of brown I find less inspiring and less evocative of the mystical power affecting the cavern. Four linear paths lie connected to this central room, each presenting the player with a set of challenges before ultimately spitting them back into the central room, though sometimes on a different floor. In moments like this, height is used quizzically, as a means of obscuring and confounding as well as empowering and enabling.
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    Dodongo's Cavern

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    The entrance to Dodongo's Cavern is currently blocked by a large boulder. After leaving Goron City, go to the right and you will find a bomb flower next to a Goron. Pick up the bomb flower and toss it over the fence toward the large boulder below. If you threw it the right way, it will destroy the boulder.